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Tell your legislator it's "game over" for Illinois' voucher program!

Your state legislators need to hear from you that public funds are for public schools, and the Invest in Kids voucher program must sunset as intended.

We know that vouchers harm the public good by diverting public dollars from our underfunded public schools. They don’t improve academic outcomes for children who receive vouchers. Nor do they improve equity: voucher schools in Illinois discriminate on the basis of religion, disability status, LGBTQ+ status and more.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to urge your legislators to oppose any extension or expansion of the Invest in Kids voucher program. Send them a message today!

Illinois’ Invest in Kids voucher program has drained more than $190 million from the public coffers in Illinois, and it’s already been extended one year past the original sunset date. Some supporters are lobbying to make permanent and expand this program, including those whose goal it is to defund and privatize public schools like Betsy Devos’ American Federation for Children.

We’re working in coalition with the Illinois Education Association, the Illinois League of Women Voters, and Illinois Families for Public Schools to share information and call on legislators to allow this program to sunset, but we need your help.


Send an email. Use this link to send a pre-written message (or write your own) to both

of your state legislators.

• Spread the word about Invest in Kids. Share on social media and with your networks this

Click here to tweet a message to urge your followers to send an email to their

legislators, too!

Please make your voice heard. Tell your legislators that it’s “game over” for Illinois vouchers, and that public funds belong to public schools.

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