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Warren Township High School (WTHS) Expands Support for District 121 Students

Effort made possible by successful referendum passed with union and community support

Gurnee, IL – The WTHS Federation of Teachers (WTHSFT, IFT Local 504) is delighted to celebrate the establishment of approximately 33 new positions dedicated to supporting students at WTHS. This significant achievement is a direct result of the unwavering support and activism of WTHSFT members, the Board of Education, parents, and community members who rallied last year to secure additional funding for the district.

The WTHSFT has always been committed to advocating for the best interests of its members and WTHS students. Recognizing the pressing need for additional resources and personnel to support the diverse needs of the student body, the union played a pivotal role in mobilizing support for the referendum by engaging with parents, students, and the district in a united effort.

“This time last year, we were worried budget constraints would further reduce staff and force significant cuts to student athletics, clubs, and activities,” said WTHSFT President Nikki Thompson, a special education case manager. “But we pulled together – teachers, staff, students, and families in this district made calls, posted on social media, attended meetings, canvassed, and most importantly, voted to invest in our students. And one year later, we’re seeing the fruits of that labor. We have several new positions that directly serve students to support their success at Warren and to ensure that our district provides a safe learning environment. We are thrilled to see this investment in our students so they can thrive academically and personally.”

The passage of the referendum signifies a collective commitment by WTHSFT and the Board of Education to provide the best educational opportunities for all students in Warren Township. The new positions include family support specialists, intervention coordinators, bilingual counselors, paraprofessionals, psychologists, security officers, maintenance staff, and teachers – all positions that play a vital role in supporting Warren Township’s diverse students’ success and well-being.

Thompson continued, “This is momentous for our students! We are grateful to our community for recognizing this need and voting yes last summer, and to our Board of Education’s good-faith effort to work together to strengthen our district. Investing in our students by saving extracurriculars and expanding staffing demonstrates that the education and experience for students at Warren is a top priority for the board and the union. Our union looks forward to working closely with district leaders and the Board of Education to build on this success and continue fostering an excellent learning environment for Warren students and families.”

The Warren Township High School Federation of Teachers (WTHSFT) represents 300 teachers, psychologists, paraprofessionals, support staff, secretaries, library personnel, technology specialists, maintenance personnel, nurses, security officers, counselors, and licensed social workers in Warren Township. WTHSFT is affiliated with the Lake County Federation of Teachers (Local 504) of the Illinois Federation of Teachers.

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