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Waubonsee union members donate more than $1000 in school supplies

It’s back to school time again, and for Waubonsee Community College Faculty Council (WCCFC, IFT Local 604) members, that means it’s time to go school supply shopping – for students in East Aurora. Every year, the union collects school supply donations for this financially strained district in the Waubonsee area. This year, despite the challenges that Covid-19 brought, the union gathered more than $1000 in supplies that will help start the school year right for East Aurora students.

Local 604 member Scott Hollenback drops off supplies for East Aurora Students

Scott Hollenback is the treasurer for the WCCFC, and part of his role includes organizing this each year: “Even during a pandemic, I’m proud that we were able to pull this together to help a district in need.”

Instead of collecting donations at school, union members brought the supplies to Hollenback’s house. He dropped those supplies off with the school district last week, just in time for school to start. Hollenback estimated at least a quarter of the union members participated this year, with no plans to stop in sight.

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