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Welcome to the IFT

The IFT is proud to welcome our newest members from Northbrook School District 28!

These educators and certified staff from Chicago’s northern suburbs filed authorization cards with the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board (IELRB) in late November, affirming their intent to form a union and join the IFT. Once certified, the new unit will be the Northbrook Federation of Teachers District 28, a council of the North Suburban Federation of Teachers, Local 1274.

The group consists of 230 teachers and certified staff. They are one of the last few remaining groups of school professionals in the state to organize.

“We are proud and excited that the outstanding educators and staff in Northbrook District 28 are joining our ranks,” said IFT President Dan Montgomery. “Throughout the pandemic, men and women across the state have organized with the IFT in record numbers because they understand that standing together in a union is the best way to improve student learning and keep communities safe. With a union, everyone wins.”

As the Northbrook Federation of Teachers, the teachers and staff will help increase the collective power of our more than 100,000-member statewide union while ensuring they have a stronger voice to help them negotiate fair contracts that address curriculum, health and safety, equitable working conditions, and other provisions that improve student learning and help attract and retain outstanding professionals in their district.

The IELRB is expected to certify the new union soon. Members will then begin the process of establishing the union’s governing structure and electing leadership.

In my 11 years in District 28, I have worked with the most innovative and caring staff and administrators in the profession," said Nicole Gas, a teacher at Northbrook Junior High School. "As the Northbrook Federation of Teachers District 28 and part of IFT Local 1274, we’ll be able to collaborate in a transparent way to provide the best possible student learning outcomes. We’re excited to get started.


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