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What You Need to Know about Invest in Kids: Illinois’ Tax Credit Voucher Program

Voucher plans are sweeping the country, transferring public funds to private schools. Many Illinois residents don't realize we have a voucher program right here in the form of a tax credit scholarship program, known as “Invest in Kids.”Please join the Illinois Federation of Teachers, the Illinois Education Association, Illinois Families for Public Schools, and the League of Women Voters for a virtual forum tomorrow night.

At tomorrow’s forum, a panel of experts will look at this national trend, examine the research on student achievement in voucher schools, get a glimpse of the impact of vouchers on students in our neighboring state of Indiana, and present important information about “Invest in Kids.” 

  • Jessica Levin is the Acting Litigation Director at the Education Law Center and the Director of Public Funds/Public Schools. She will discuss the dramatic increase in voucher programs throughout the country, and how they are a massive transfer of public funds to private and religious schools.

  • Dr. Josh Cowen, Professor of Education Policy at Michigan State University, is a nationally recognized researcher on vouchers. He will share his research on the impact of voucher programs on student achievement.

  • Dountonia S. Batts, a community advocate and a board member of Network for Public Education Action. As a parent, she will share her first-hand experience about the negative/destructive impact of vouchers on students and schools in Indiana. 

  • Cassie Creswell, the director of Illinois Families for Public Schools and a Chicago Public Schools parent, has long experience as an advocate for public schools. She will provide detailed information about the problems with “Invest in Kids.” You will come away armed with facts and arguments about our voucher program to share with your state legislators.

Learn how you can join the campaign endorsed by more than 50 local, state and national organizations to end the program permanently! Register now to participate in Tuesday’s forum, and please share with parents, educators, neighbors, and other public school supporters in your community.

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