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Illinois teachers explain American history through art in new book

PJ and Jamie Creek, middle school teachers in southern Illinois, recently published a book together that offers insight into the American presidency for the youngest of readers. We the People and the President uses infographics and pictures to explain everything from who the presidents were to how we vote.

Both authors are active IFT members: PJ is a member of O’Fallon Federation of Teachers (Local 628) and Jamie is a member of the Belleville Grade Federation of Teachers (Local 6600). Their work as teachers and as parents, visiting and teaching about historic sites to their children, inspired them to start a company, Periodic Presidents, and launch this new book.

Last month, the husband and wife team was recognized on social media by the Illinois State Board of Education, as well as by their local school board, which hosted a book signing night in their honor. The book received a nod from the National Council for the Social Studies Children’s Book Council, earning a spot on the 2022 Notable Social Studies Trade Books List.

Congrats to PJ and Jamie on their accomplishments!

We are proud of our members for sharing their love of history and learning through art.

Our members do great things all over the state! Email to share your story with IFT.

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