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RSVP TODAY for your Regional PAC meeting

Updated: May 26, 2020

RSVP TODAY for your Regional PAC meeting The 2020 General Election will be vitally important, and it starts with the March 17th Primary Election. Elected officials make important decisions about our schools, colleges, and universities, state services and programs, and our workplace rights – so it’s important that we evaluate their positions and support the candidates who best reflect our members’ input, values, and needs. To do that, the IFT uses a democratic Political Action Committee (PAC) process to make candidate endorsement recommendations for Federal, state, and legislative offices. IFT PAC meetings are held in 18 regions around the state and are open to all members. At these meetings, participants review voting records and questionnaires and conduct interviews to determine where each candidate stands on important issues. Then, each Regional PAC makes endorsement recommendations to the union’s Statewide PAC committee. (Learn more about the process here.)  Your voice is critical! To take part, call 217.544.8562 and RSVP for your Regional IFT PAC meeting. In the last election cycle, attendance at IFT PAC meetings increased by an incredible 600 percent. Let’s keep it going! Meetings begin as soon as December 17 and continue through January 22. View the schedule, then plan to attend the meeting in your area to help determine which candidates deserve our union’s support. Call 217.544.8562 to RSVP today!

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