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Support your fellow educators! Become a virtual instructional coach

The IFT Union Professional Issues Department (UPID) is excited to announce that the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has approved funding for the 2021-22 Illinois Virtual Instructional Coach and Building Mentor Program. A collaboration between IFT, Illinois Education Association, and ISBE, this program provides support for early career educators across Illinois.

Help your colleagues! The IFT is looking for members who are interested in being virtual instructional coaches in this program. Coaches will be expected to support several new teachers or clinicians and work about five hours per week - 100% virtually. Training will be provided, and coaches will be compensated. (View the Virtual Instructional Coach Job Description for details).

The IFT understands that the needs of and supports for early career educators of color are unique. As part of our commitment to support these educators, the IFT is specifically encouraging teachers of color to apply for this opportunity.

We are seeking virtual instructional coaches across PreK-12 grade levels and disciplines, including specialized areas and clinicians. Specific high-needs areas include:

• K12 dual language, bilingual, and EL teachers

• K12 PE, art, and music (vocal and instrumental)


• PreK-12 special education (including life skills)

• Speech-language pathologists

• Social workers

• High school Spanish, English, and science

• PreK

• Middle school science

To apply, you must complete this online application by August 31. You must also send this link to two people who can provide confidential recommendations on your behalf. (They should be able to speak to your ability to serve as a virtual instructional coach and must submit their recommendations by August 31.) Candidates will undergo an application review and interview process.

Induction and mentoring is one of the many ways the IFT supports members at every stage of their education careers. Our union has a long history of advocating for high-quality induction and mentoring programs; members like you have consistently taken the lead in supporting and advocating for the teaching profession. We hope you’ll consider serving as a virtual instructional coach to assist your colleagues and help continue our proud union tradition!

Questions? Please contact your IFT Field Service Director. Thank you!

To learn more about professional development opportunities available through your IFT membership, visit our website.

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