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Take action: Tell lawmakers it's time to end Illinois' discriminatory voucher program

Take action today: Tell lawmakers that it's time to end the discriminatory Invest in Kids voucher program and that public funds should be used for public schools.

Illinois legislators will be meeting for veto session October 24-26 and November 7-9, which means there is still time to make your voice heard! We know that voucher programs harm the public good because they divert public dollars from our underfunded public schools.

Schools that receive vouchers:

WE’RE ASKING IFT MEMBERS TO KEEP THE PRESSURE ON THIS WEEK! Lawmakers still have until November 9 to decide whether or not to let the program sunset. They need to hear from you as soon as possible that any extension of the Invest in Kids voucher program will further harm our public school students.


  • Send a letter to your legislator urging them to oppose any expansion to the Invest in Kids voucher program.

  • Call your legislators directly. Tell them: The Invest in Kids voucher program needs to end. I urge you to oppose any extension of the Invest in Kids program. The scholarship-vouchers don't have to end, just the tax credits. Wealthy donors can continue writing checks so that students can continue attending these schools. But public funds need to go to public schools that serve everyone.

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