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Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Just a few years ago, the upcoming holiday was known to most of us as Christopher Columbus Day and celebrated his discovery of what came to be known as America. While that history remains, it must go hand in hand with the context of that discovery and its effects on the people who already lived in the “new world.”

This year and going forward, IFT has made the switch from recognizing Columbus to instead recognizing the second Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

We do this in solidarity with our Native American sisters and brothers. We acknowledge the legacy of colonialism in our country, the forced removal of Indigenous People from their land, the attack on their people and culture, and the effects of that history that remain today. We hope this recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a small but positive step forward in undoing the legacy of discrimination that Native Americans face and honoring their culture, history, contributions, and resilience in this country.

Find classroom resources on Indigenous Peoples Day from Share My Lesson.

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