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Shape the future for your family and community

As required by law, every 10 years the census counts all adults and children living in the United States to ensure communities are adequately funded and represented for the next decade.

It is critical that you complete the census and count everyone in your household! This includes grandparents, infants and young children, foster children, and nonrelatives who are living with you.

An accurate count is important because census results determine the allocation of more than $675 billion in federal funding each year to support essential services, including:

• School meals

• First Responders

• Highway and road repairs

• Medicare and Medicaid

• Rural home rental assistance

• Food assistance programs

• Libraries and community centers

Completing the census is safe. Your personal information is kept confidential and cannot be used for law enforcement purposes or to determine your personal eligibility for government benefits.

The deadline to complete the census is October 31, 2020. Take a moment today to complete the questionnaire using one of the following methods:

  1. Visit to fill out the online questionnaire. It is available in English and 12 additional languages. 

  2. Call the toll free number at 1-844-330-2020 (English) or 1-844-468-2020 (Español) to speak with a live operator.

  3. Mail in a completed paper copy of the 2020 Census. 

Questions? You can find more information here.

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